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A world in miniature...

Un mondo fatto di miniature




Miniatures and accessories for your 11-12 inch dolls  

(suitable for Barbie, Momoko, Susie, Fashion Royalty, Joe Tai , Jun-Planning and so on...).


Miniature & accessori per le tue bambole in scala  1:6  

(adatti a  Barbie, Momoko, Susie, Fashion Royalty, Joe Tai, Jun-Planning etc.).


 How to order:  ordering is truly simple, click here  3d_basic_buynow.gif  to get to know about all info you need or feel free to email me  3d_basic_email.gif

 Come ordinare:  ordinare č davvero semplice clicca qui   3d_basic_buynow_1.gifper conoscere tutte le modalitą di pagamento oppure inviami una email qui  3d_basic_email_1.gif


 *To view all available products  please click on the images below*

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Note: please email me to know about availability.

Nota:  per favore inviami una email per conoscere la disponibilitą.


Puchi Petites Collection (USA version)

Bread & Butter

*sold out / terminata*

Mini Sweets

*sold out / terminata*


Puchi Petites Collection (JAPAN version)


Special cake for me

*sold out / terminata*

Fruit Wave

Donuts to Go

*sold out / terminata*

American Kitchen

*sold out / terminata*

Grandmother Kitchen

*sold out / terminata*

Oriental Season

*sold out / terminata*

Girls in the City

Yummy Meals

*sold out / terminata*

Storage Beauty

Airline Meals *sold out / terminata*



Luxury French

*sold out / terminata*

Finest Sushi 

*sold out / terminata*

Kawaii Kitchen

*sold out / terminata*


Chocolate Shop   

ORCARA-Cooking with the Master

TAKARA Pentax cameras

SPARE ONES -pezzi di serie diverse


Puchi Animal Collection


My Cats  

*sold out / terminata*



Puchi Display Collection



 Re-Ment Display Show Case

Re-Ment Cafe table & chairs

*sold out / terminata*

Re-Ment Display  Kitchen  

 *sold out / terminata*

Re-Ment Display Wall Cabinet

 *sold out / terminata*

Re-Ment Display Dining Table

*sold out / terminato*





Disney ® Cafe table & chairs

(only one left - un solo pz. rimasto)






Puchi Special Editions & Special Edition Series



Disney ©   Birthday Cakes  

  *sold out / terminata*

Disney ©   Minnie's Candies & Cakes

*sold out / terminata*




Please note   that prices are subject to changes without notice.

This is due to Customs duties increasing. So, to get a proper quote

(including shipping charges), EMAIL ME. Thanks!


Nota importante:    i prezzi possono essere soggetti a variazione a

causa dell'aumento delle tasse doganali.  Per questa ragione,

contattatemi via EMAIL per conoscere gli importi esatti (ed

eventualmente le spese di spedizione). Grazie!


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