Autumn/Winter 2007-2008  Collection

(Collezione Autunno- Inverno 2007-08)

items in stock or about to arrive  (bambole attualmente disponibili o in arrivo a breve)


Down for Anything (dx) (disponibile - in stock)


Up to Something (sx)   *VENDUTA - SOLD*


cod. T7-KSDD-05 & T7-KSDD-02


Little Mischievy


cod. T7-KSDD-06


Hunting Rabbit

cod. T7-KSDD-04


A brief introducing note from Tonner Doll Company Inc. official website:


new 8-inch dolls that combine unique and fun artistry with traditional childhood whimsy. Each is crafted of high-quality vinyl and hard plastic, with hand-painted features and both rooted and wigged hair styles. 8" Kickits can share clothing with 8" Betsy McCall, Santa's Elves and Luna's Little Martians.

Kickits™ come packaged in a clear, cylinder-style tube with carrying handle".

Le Kickitssono una nuova serie di bambole Tonner alte circa 20 cm realizzate con un vinile speciale e prodotti di alta qualità. Sono vendute in un cilindro di plastica trasparente con manico per il trasporto.

Cotton Candy

cod. T7-KSDD-07



Sour Apple Snap


cod. T7-KSDD-08

available / disponibile

 Wild Thing  (LE 500)


cod. T8-KSDD-01



Leader of the Pack

(LE 500)


cod. T8-KSDD-02


Going Batty (LE 500)


cod. T8-KSDD-03



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