La mia intervista a Joe Tai

(Dec. 2006)

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Interview to Joe Tai   (10 questions to the artist)

by Giorgia Testa          (for Doll Collector Club Italy newsletter)  

** pictures courtesy of Joe Tai


 Imagine to talk to one of the most creative doll designers, a new icon in the fashion doll world…well,  ladies and gentlemen here we have the pleasure to welcome Mr. Joe Tai.

So get comfortable in your favourite armchair as we are about to discover his success secrets through his own words…

    Welcome Joe and thanks in advance for your kind responses, I feel blessed to have this chance to interview you, so let’s begin with the first question:

Questions & Answers:

 1. Giorgia: Have you been always interested in dolls or is it a quite recent passion that came out all of a sudden – like “love at the first sight”? Tell us about your artistic background…


Joe Tai: Oh, I have been interested in dolls for ages since I was a kid. I got my first doll when I was 9 years old and fell in love with dolls immediately.

 2. Giorgia:  Tell us also about your first works, how came that you decided to create doll accessories – have you got, perhaps,  an “inspirational muse”? 

 Joe Tai: In the very first beginning, I did design a lot of OOAK dolls, and after few years, I felt kind of disappointed because I needed some nice accessories, however, I could not find any in the market, so I decide to produce some good quality shoes and other accessories. I started from making shoes, and slowly I developed more other accessories, I guess I always have inspirational muse, LOL.

 3. Giorgia:  In Europe we especially love your doll shoes line. Your jewelry shoes are so fine detailed and elegant, tell us about the materials you use to create them – is it difficult to find the right material to make such jewelry shoes?

 Joe Tai: Oh, it is long story about jewellery shoes. Actually I did encounter many difficulties when making them. First, the metal is not easy to handle, second, not many factories were willing to give a try. My idea is not only to make glamorous jewelry shoes but also heavy and high quality ones, and I would like dolls can stand alone with my jewellery shoes, so they have to be heavy enough. So to find the right metal was really killing. I tried several, and lucky and finally found the perfect metal. And I also use the Austria rhinestones to enhance their beauty and glamour.

 4. Giorgia:  How about time that needs to make a pair of jewelry shoes?

 Joe Tai:  It takes about 2 to 3 days per pair.

 5. Giorgia:  Recently you’ve produced a brand new doll named Ingrid. She’s lovely (I proudly own two of them) and looks so sweet, also she has a name of Scandinavian origins, does she remind you a woman you’ve got to know in person? Or is it a sort of homage to someone you like (maybe an actress like Ingrid Bergman – also my favourite)?

 Joe Tai: LOL, you are very smart. Actually I named my Ingrid after Ingrid Bergman. She is definitely my all time favourite, and I did hope that my Ingrid is as elegant as herJ

 6. Giorgia:  Before your Ingrid doll line, you’ve been a OOAK artist, tell us about your pervious works, which was your favourite doll to repaint or to make dress for?

 Joe Tai: My favourite doll to repaint was Barbie, I think at that moment I didn’t really have many choice, L too bad. After bigger girl 16” Tyler came to market, I have decided to quit OOAK and produce my own Ingrid doll line.

 7. Giorgia:  Talking again about your jewelry shoes: is there any future plan for a new line of shoes suitable for dolls like Sybarites or Momoko dolls or even Blythe dolls?

 Joe Tai: Yes, I do have plan for them, but as you know it will take really long time to open another different molds to produce jewelry shoes for different dolls, so it won’t be so soon or in near future.

 8. Giorgia:  What about your opinion regarding the European market?  I bet you have numerous customers who love your dolls & accessories? Are you satisfied of your success in Europe?

 Joe Tai: To be honest, sometimes I feel guilty and sorry for European customers, some have e-mailed me that my auction ending time is late night in Europe, so they cannot stay up so late and bid them. It is the time difference problem. L But I am really happy to know that I have so many great customers all over Europe, like Italy, Germany, UK….etc. But of course I do hope that more people will recognize my dolls and accessories. J

 9. Giorgia:   I know you’ve a team of talented artists - behind the mark of Joe Tai original -  who support you with all your wonderful works, who are they ? Let us know more about them…

 Joe Tai: My team is pretty interesting and talented. My sales manager lives in Berlin, Germany, he is the one who takes care of all my sales and customer service. And I have 20 artists here working in my studio, they all graduated from National China Art College, good at painting and sewing, and since I don’t really mass produce my items, so it is easier for me to control the quality.

 10. Giorgia: My last question – Is there anything you would like to say to your Italian customers/ fans ? And most of all: would you like to join a Fashion doll Convention in Italy one day, being the artist who’ll provide the official Convention doll?  Tell us your opinion… (It’s only an idea for the moment, but we’re working on the possibility of having a special guest artist to design our Convention doll in the near future)

 Joe Tai: Oh, that would be my honour!! I would be more than happy to join some doll convention in Italy one day and being the artist who provides the official Convention doll J I will be the artist to provide the official convention doll for the doll convention in Canada next year and would be nice to travel to Italy as well, just hope that I would not over spend, hahaha, I love fashion stuffs as well .

And I would also like to thank all the fans and customers in Italy, your support is always the power to keep me going on, I love you all!J

 Thanks again Joe for your time and I wish you all the best for your future creations and works.

 - To contact Joe Tai, please visit his websites:  or .



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