Jason Wu dolls

                                                        Queste sono le bambole della Jason Wu presenti nella mia collezione...

                                                                 These are my Jason Wu dolls, part of my collection...


(pictures from the Integrity Toys official website)


Veronique Perrin - basic (2002)

Veronique Perrin - Chic Escape (2003)

Kyori Sato - La belle du Soir (2006)

Monsieur Z - First Class (2005)

Ayumi N.- Miracle Child (2007)

Eve Kitten Graffiti - LE 500 (2006)

Eve Kitten Gotham - LE 500 (2008)

Eve Kitten Hollywood - LE 500 (2008)

Eve Kitten Surrealist - LE 500 (2008)

Addicted - Luchia Z. (2007)

the Dynamite Girls series - RUFUS BLUE - LE 300 (2008)

an esclusive of Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine

the W-Club doll 2008: Going Public Eugenia Perrin Frost -  Exclusive The Glamorous Collection

2008  Vanessa Metal Maven  

2008 Vanessa Color Therapy  

2008 Eugenia Most Desidered  

2008 Purple Pose Isha


(from the W-Club Lottery)  


2008 Nu Face Agency: Ayumi N. - London by night

2008 the Dynamite Girls series: Spooky Sooki  

2008 Wu Event: the Dynamite Girls - Eltin (platinum)

2008 Wu Event: Luchia Z. - Hopelessly Captivating

2008 the Dynamite Girls: Jolly JETT

2008 the Gothic Dream Series: Witchie Witch Misaki


2008 the Avant Guard

Premiere Series: Lush


(winning entry from the W-Club Lottery)

2008 Bewitching Hour Luchia


(from the W-Club)

2009 Cruise Control Vanessa Perrin - W-Club doll  

2009 Deconstruction Sight Eugenia W-Club exclusive 

2009  Poppy Parker   "Holiday in the Hamptons" Gift Set  

(winning entry from the W-Club Lottery)

2009  Special Club Exclusive   "Festive Decadence" Agnes  - Mini Gift Set   

2009  Special Club Exclusive   "Wrapped in Decadence" - outfit only   

2010  W-Club doll  "Spring Forward" - Eugenia Perrin Frost

2009  ITBE series - Angel 

2009 the Dynamite Girls series:       Electric Pop "DAYLE"

2009 the Dynamite Girls series: Electric Pop  "ARIA" 

2010  W-Club exclusive  "Lady in Waiting" - Dania Zarr

2010  DARK ROMANCE  W-Convention exclusive  "Out of the Blue" - Kyori Sato


2010  DARK ROMANCE  W-Convention ITBE "Welcome Home - HYATT"


2010 DARK ROMANCE  W-Convention DG Sooki Doll & Boho Beauty Fashion


2011 MODERN COMEBACK - NOIR -  Veronique Perrin (W-club lottery)


2011  I LOVE HOW YOU LOVE ME -  Poppy Parker  (DOLLS Magazine exclusive)  

2010-2011  Regal Solstice Anja 

(W-Club exclusive)  

2011  Rising Sun - Kyori Sato

(FR  W-Club upgrade doll)  

2011  Night Scape - Giselle Diefendorf

(Close-up collection) 

2011  Monaco Royale - Vanessa Perrin

(W-club Exclusive) 

2011  "Sweet Confection" Poppy Parker

(Club Doll  #2) 

2011   10th Anniversary Veronique Perrin Forever Doll  (lottery winner entry) 

2012  Glam Addict Giselle - LaureBelleCouture Exclusive

 (lottery winner entry)   

2011   Rocking Ever After Lillith & Rock Steady Romain Perrin  (Rock Wedding duo)   W-Club Exclusive   


2012  Summer Seasonal Essential -  

 (lottery winner entry)   

2005  Glamazon "The Ru Mix" - Limited Edition Ru Paul doll  

2012  W-Club upgrade /C - "Dream Teen" Poppy Parker doll  

2012  IFDC 10th anniversary Convention Doll - "Long Cool Woman"  (lottery winner entry)

2012  Online Event Doll  - "Truly Madly Deeply" Agnes giftset



Jason Wu dolls (Integrity Toys years 2004/2006) -  bought them nude, now they're a team: Giorgia's Angels.

Gave them new names: Julia, Jenai, Jennifer & Jade




Jade - Jenai - Julia - Jennifer  



all four - Giorgia's Angels  



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